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Our ventilated ovens KILBY have been created studying the requirements of confectioners and bakers who demand the best even if using a small oven, in order to equip them with the best available technology and to be thus able to bake high-quality BREAD and PASTRY.
All of this has raised the concept of VENTILATED OVENS, obtaining a series of ovens HEAVIER than the average (ideal for continuous bakings), more PRECISE and more RELIABLE even on direct BREAD bakings : small ovens for high performances.


  • ELECTRIC CONVECTION OVENS available for 40x60 / 46x66 trays
  • Available in different models with 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 or 12 trays
  • Standard version with controls on the right side and door hinge on the left
  • Ovens delivered ASSEMBLED
  • Standard : ventilation system from bottom to top with "sole effect" and programmed reversion of fan rotation to optimize the baking
  • Standard : DIGITAL panel with multifunction ROTARY SWITCH, LCD screen, 30 programs and weekly programmable ignition 
  • Standard : steam injector (nebulizer) for BREAD baking
  • Standard : 2 SPEED baking fan ( bread/pastry and delicate pastry)
  • Standard : double glass door and opening 180°
  • Standard : thermal insulation with constant density compressed rockwool panels
  • Stainless steel baking chamber, front and outer panels
  • ON REQUEST : ELECTROMECHANICAL panel, MULTI-PHASE DIGITAL panel with 199 programs, additional steam generator, INVERTED version oven
  • ACCESSORIES : HOOD, HOOD with exhauster or with exhauster and steam condenser (for rooms without chimneys), STANDS on wheels with or w/out tray holder, HEATED CABINET or PROVER, STATIC DECKS (stone baking) to create COMBINED SOLUTIONS


KILBY P version
“SLIM-FIT”: only 78 cm width (=30.7")!
Narrow version, to leave more space to your ideas 


  • MULTI-PHASE DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL with multi-function scroll selector, LCD screen and LED display, 199 programs with 5/10 baking phases and PROGRAMMABLE automatic steam damper
  • WEEKLY PROGRAMMABLE IGNITION system with 2 daily ignition programs
  • 2-SPEED baking ventilation (regular or low ventilation for delicate or liquid products)
  • Automatic programmed reversion of the fan rotation to optimize the baking
  • Stainless steel interior/exterior
  • High efficiency thermal insulation with constant density ROCKWOOL PANELS
  • Door with 180° OPENING system and doubled glass with inner glass opening (easy cleaning)
  • Front extractable electric box (easy maintenance) 
  • STANDARD CONFIGURATION with control panel on the right and left door opening
  • Pressure door closing

ELECTROMECHANICAL control panel / REVERSED OVEN / STAINLESS STEEL HOOD available also with EXTRACTOR and STEAM CONDENSER (for rooms without chimneys) / STAINLESS STEEL STAND available also with trays holder / PROVER with GLASS DOOR, ventilated, heated, available with or without HUMIDIFIER (automatic) / WHEELS KIT for oven stand or prover / STATIC WIDE DECK OVEN for combined store baking solutions (Mod. COMBO PLUS / 66)