Warmth of the inspiration

Look towards the future without forgetting who did the technical and scientific bases that today allow us to innovate. The names of our ovens are a tribute to the greater inventors of the story.



LEONARDO is the Europa series of steam tube deck ovens taking the name from Leonardo Da Vinci, inventor, artist and scientist considered one of the greatest minds in the human history, in the 16th century he created the prototypes of extraordinary inventions such as the flying machine, the parachute, the diving suit, the tank.

He said that "Mechanics is the paradise of the mathematical sciences, because by means of it one comes to the fruits of mathematics".


BELL is the Europe series of compact rotary ovens which takes the name from Alexander Graham Bell, British engineer, inventor and scientist naturalized US citizen, the first one to patent a functioning telephone.

He said “never go on the traced road because it only leads only to where others have already been”



COOPER is the Europa series of mini-rotary ovens which takes the name from Martin Cooper, US inventor, father of the mobile telephony.

He said that “The best way to make people think outside the box is not to create the box before”  


EDISON is the Europa series of multipurpose modular deck ovens which takes the name from Thomas Edison, an American inventor and businessman who was able to apply for the first time the “principles of the mass production” to the process of invention, he registered 1.093 patents and he was the first to sell the incandescence lamp “illuminating the World”.

He said that “if we did all that we are really capable of doing, we would be literally astound of ourselves”


GALILEO is the EUROPA series of rotary rack ovens which takes the name from Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician, considered the father of the modern science which was the first to introduce the scientific method. In the astronomical field, thanks to the use of one of the earliest examples of telescope, he discovered the sunspots and played an important role in the astronomic revolution with his support to the heliocentric system and the Copernican theory. He said that: “curiosity is the key to problem-solving”


JOBS is the EUROPA series of evolved rotary rack ovens which takes the name from Steve Jobs, American businessman, computer scientist and inventor, who was the first to realize the potential of the mouse and user-friendly graphical interfaces, developing the Macintosh products.

He said that “let’s start inventing the tomorrow instead of worrying about what yesterday happened”


KILBY is the EUROPA series of ventilated ovens which takes the names from Jack Kilby, American electrotechnical engineer who invented the integrated circuit, also called “chip”, that is the basis of the IT revolution.

He said “my suggest is to get involved and starting”


MARCONI is the Europa series of electric deck ovens which takes the name from Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor, businessman and politician, who was the first to develop an effective wireless telegraphy system, which followed the birth of radio and television.

He said “I love the beauty of the nature, where you can find the eternal ideal values: the truth, the beauty and the good”


TESLA is the EUROPA series of prover which takes the name from Nikola Tesla, inventor, physicist and electric engineer, born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and American naturalized, who discover the electrical system using alternating current, the polyphase electric distribution and the electric motors with alternating current.

He said that “the progressive human development is vitally dependent on the invention”



VOLTA is the EUROPA series of multiple-loading deck ovens which takes the name from Alessandro Volta, Italian chemist and physicist who discovered the methane gas and made the studies for the first electric generator.

He said “the language of the experience is most authoritative than all the reasonings”