Warmth of innovation

For Europa, the last ones have been 30 years of ovens, but above all, 30 years of innovation in ovens.

Innovative instruments

For Europa, the last ones have been 30 years of ovens, but above all 30 years of innovation in ovens.

A constant research and development, supported by state-of-the-art tools, such as thermodynamic fluid simulator, that permit to analyze the heat directions inside the ovens early during the project definition stage. This is how we build our ovens, by introducing and patenting new solutions that every day make life easier for bakers, pastry-chefs and pizzaioli that choose Europa.

Attention to details

During the years, every detail of the Europa ovens has been studied to guarantee the best possible performances, such as the patented special gasket that compared to the standard ones usually on the market has definitely better wear properties.

Freestyle patent

From the challenge of improving performance of our ovens together with the will in reducing the consumption and respect the environment was born one of our most loved patents. Thanks to the Freestyle patent, Bell and Cooper can work in different sections, so that the consumption can be adjusted depending on the real baking needs.                  

Steam System.

The steam is a very important element in bakery, it can make the difference between good bread and excellent bread: for this reason we have developed an exclusive PATENTED steam system. Designed and tested for massive steam production with very rapid recovery times, it distributes the steam gently and evenly over the entire trolley. A real revolution, which will amaze you while baking!